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Factors for the path to success


Starting off a business is not an easy task at present. There are many litigations, business needs, social and cultural needs that need to be followed and accomplished before creating a venture. There are a few factors that are vital when making a venture and pushing it toward its success.

The mission

When starting a business, you need to identify a want that has not being satisfied in the prevailing market. Once that it figured, you need to identify a product for which can satisfy this demand. The success of this product can be further measured against the significant amount of people who will be demanding for your product.  Once this initial stage is overcome, you will need to plan out the mission of the product that you tend to offer. This mission will set the carpet that will hold the entire operations and strategies you will use when carryout daily activities.

The vision

The next important task is to set a future prospect for the company. as humans we need to have a motive when enduring something. For instance, we sit for exams with the aim of getting skills and qualifications to show the certification when we try to apply for a job vacancy. Similarly, it is important that you create a solid vision so that you could systematically lay out strategies to achieve the vision.


The next critical factor that will need to be looked at, will be the way of doing things within the organization. This will include the relationship between the managers and employees, customers, suppliers and many other stake holders. The culture that you maintain will help you attract a good caliber of employees. For instance, Google, maintains an open and free culture where the employees do not have to maintain 100% formalities always. The operations are carried out at an unconventional atmosphere with bean bag chairs, swimming pools, tennis courts for leisure, open meetings and discussions etc. at times, some employees will not prefer this culture and they may not apply to vacancies from Google corporation. Therefore, you need to identify the psychology of the type of workforce that you wish to have and select a culture that will help them operate properly.

The working environment

The next most important factor is the venue and model you wish to adopt. There are many models that are available in the business word at present. Outsourcing, offshoring, virtual business and networking are a few trending approaches despite the traditional office culture. Whichever approach you decide to take, they will all have their own aspects that will need to be considered before signing any agreement.


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