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Automating for the success of your venture


With the advancement of technology, there are many new systems that have come in to play to connect vendors, customers, consumers, government and other organizations together in such a way where activities can be monitored whilst at the comfort of your home land. Unlike 70 years ago, where people restricted themselves to the boundaries of their own country, at present there are many multinational companies spread around the world operating in different languages and cultures serving one. many countries encourage this concept as this further enhances the unity among nations and promote peace and help learn about diverse cultures.

Connecting to consumers

With the introduction of internet to the world, many organizations have got the chance to obtain information about their consumers and their needs with the unique tool of big data. Big data helps to filter knowledge about various aspects and these trends in such a way that it can provide vital information on the current needs and wants of consumers. This gives immense benefits for organizations when having to compete with other rivals in the market. Identifying the exact need and acting accordingly to provide it with the most effective marketing campaign will help organizations to gain competitive advantage.

Connecting with suppliers and employees

There are systems built to connect with employees and suppliers together with delivery agents and intermediaries, that can help an organization’s top management to be regularly update themselves on the style of operations carried out by the relevant connected parties. Especially when dealing in a multinational company, it is difficult to travel from one country to another due to the time and cost constraints. However, with the introduction of video conferencing, organizations can be heavily on alert with the operations of their respective dealers and employees. This will avoid unnecessary conflicts and assumptions. It is important that organizations stay in contact with the functions of their suppliers and employees as there may be situations when you must deal with ethics. It is always best to avoid unethical practices which could lead to a bad reputation for the organization.


While these systems bring immense gains to a company, it will also have to be introduced to the employees and taught on how it should be used. Your organization may be equipped with employees from different age groups. These employees need to be trained properly before replacing the old system. A proper training will help you save time and money while having efficient employees. Training will require time and a significant amount of cash. However, since this will benefit the organization in the future, the benefit will override the cost. Similarly, you may have to encounter situations where you will have to face resistance from employees who feel that the current system is comfortable and the new system will simply lower their performance. For such situations you need to motivate them and convince them about the benefits that these new systems can offer the organization and their lives.



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