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A sustainable business for a better future


When thinking of starting your own venture, you need to think of the importance of the product or service that you desire to provide and what it aims to give to society. You need to set out a clear-cut plan about the future operations of the business. Depending on the plan that you set out, your financial assistance will follow. That is, banking and other financial institutions, will decide to give out loans and other financial benefits to your organization, if your plan is solid and has a going-concern effect.


Firstly, you need to identify the purpose of the organization. This will give you the understanding and necessary backing to set out your future and operations as to what is suitable and what not. When you have a clear purpose, it will be very easy to follow through in what you must do. Creating a check list and identifying if those tasks come in line with the purpose of the organization will help immensely.  Most companies start and then end in a short period of time simply since they have not set plans according to the purpose of their organization.


As an entrepreneur, you need to have the conceptual ability to make plans that will help you prosper in the future as well. It is meaningless to begin a company with the motive of closing in a couple of years. Instead you should build a brand that can be continued for generations and help in the growth of the economy. A company that can be taken over by your off-spring and theirs. Keeping an eagles’ eye on the market trends and extrapolating those assumptions to the future will be effective. When carrying out your own business you will need to maintain your own style of leadership. It would be best to be a compassionate and caring employer who can be respected by its subordinates. This will retain employees while setting a carpet for your children to lead the company when you retire.

To society

Most importantly you need to make sure that your product serves society well. The product should not lead to any danger or negative impact to anyone. it should promote healthy and ethical living as much as possible. The more positive impacts they remit, the more the product will be accepted by society for a long time. Therefore, the practices you follow need to be socially acceptable for it to have a solid future.

Therefore, whenever you decide to go ahead with a business venture you should consider the sustainability of the idea.



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